10 Reasons to Relocate to Charleston, SC from the North

Our favorite reasons for relocating to Charleston, SC.

1.Beautiful beaches

Relocating to Charleston, SC-Sullivans Island

2. Historic Charleston

Relocating to Charleston, SC-Historic Charleston

3. No snow! Ok, it has snowed once or twice.

Relocating to Charleston, SC-Snow

4. Amazing food. This is called Shrimp and Grits. You would have to move here to understand.

Relocating to Charleston, SC-ShrimpandGrits

5. Direct flights to a lot of nice places including back home. Just in case you missed the feeling of a crowded subway.



6. Unlike Florida, we have real seasons. It’s a chilly 55 degrees in this picture!


7. There are other people from the North already here. Remember, direct flights!

Direct Flights to Charleston, SC

8. Low property taxes.

9. Southern hospitality.

10. Boeing, Google, Amazon, and Volvo are already here waiting on you.