Best Realtor and Best Realty Company in Charleston, South Carolina

Well this is exciting!

Not only was I nominated for Charleston City Paper's "Best Realtor", but our brokerage was nominated for "Best Realty Company" as well! 

This would not have been possible without all of your nominations for us in the first round of voting! 

 The final voting round is officially open, and will end on Tuesday, March 5th. If everyone could take one minute to head over to the Best of Charleston nomination site and click the green vote button next to  "Laura Street, Simply Lowcountry Real Estate" for Best Realtor and, "Simply Lowcountry Real Estate" for Best Realty Company we'd be forever grateful! 

It's easy!

1. Visit the Best of Charleston 2019 Voting Site

(this link will open our category page)


2. Scroll down until you see Best Realtor (categories are in alphabetical order). CLICK THE GREEN VOTE BUTTON next to "Laura Street, Simply Lowcountry Real Estate".


3. Click Submit after you have entered your first name, last name, postal code and email address! 


4.  Then, scroll down one more box to Best Realty Company, and click the green vote button next to "Simply Lowcountry Real Estate".  
 Each box should look like this once you've officially voted:


Final voting round closes on 
March 5, 2019!